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Mar 24, - Featured Characters: Iron Man (Anthony Stark) Antagonists: Madame Masque (Whitney Frost) Mordecai Midas (First appearance). Tony Stark is looking to restart his engine. He's going back to basics, putting away his high-tech toys and high-profile image so he can get his hands dirty. Synopsis for "Alone Against A.I.M.!" The issue begins with Iron Man/Tony Stark. ARTRAGE VITAE Smooth Remote get a. Sign up one you to Cisco. More details on how to install other desktop.

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Iron Man Vol. The series was launched following the success of the Iron Man stories in Tales of Suspense and continues from the one shot Iron Man and Sub-Mariner which picks up the story arc from Tales of Suspense Many of the classic story lines and characters that are part of comic history today originate from this volume. The series started in and lasted all the way to Continues in Iron Man Vol.

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John Romita Jr. Tweet Clean. Cancel Update. What size image should we insert? There Lurks the Adaptoid! Iron Man 50 "The Curtain Rises on Iron Man 55 "Beware the Blood Brothers! Iron Man 56 "Rasputin's Revenge! Iron Man 57 "Strike! Iron Man 59 "A Madness in Motown! Iron Man 60 "Cry Marauder! Iron Man 62 "Whiplash Returns! Iron Man 63 "Enter: Dr. Spectrum" Release date: July 3, Cover date: October , Iron Man 64 "Rokk Cometh! Iron Man 68 "Night of the Rising Sun! Iron Man 72 "Convention of Fear!

Iron Man 75 "Slave to the Power Imperious! Iron Man 77 "I Cry: Revenge! Iron Man 79 "Midnight on Murder Mountain! Iron Man 80 "Mission Into Madness! Iron Man 81 "War of the Mind-Dragons! Iron Man 82 "Plunder of the Apes!

Iron Man 84 "Night of the Walking Bomb! Iron Man 85 " And the Freak Shall Inherit the Earth! Iron Man 91 "Breakout! Iron Man 92 "Burn, Hero -- Burn! Iron Man 93 "Kraken Kills! Iron Man 95 "Ultimo! Iron Man 96 "The Power and the Fury! Iron Man 97 "Showdown with the Guardsman! Iron Man 98 "Sunfire Strikes Again! Iron Man 99 "At the Mercy of the Mandarin! Iron Man "Then Came the Monster! Iron Man "Dreadknight and the Daughter of Creation! Iron Man "Run for the Money!

Iron Man "And in the End Iron Man "Growing Pains! Iron Man "Moonrise! Iron Man "Sojourners Through Space! Iron Man "Moon Wars! Iron Man "The Horn of the Unicorn! Iron Man "The Menace of Arsenal! Iron Man "Betrayal! Iron Man "Anguish Once Removed! Iron Man "No S. To Protect Me!

Iron Man "Journey! Iron Man "The Hammer Strikes! Iron Man "Dread Night of the Dreadnought! Iron Man "Meter on the Sun! Iron Man "Blacklash and the Burning Iron Man "Holocaust at High Noon! Iron Man "Siege! Iron Man "G. Iron Man "Escape from Heaven's Hand! Iron Man "Light Makes Right! Iron Man "The Back-Getters! Iron Man "Spores! Iron Man "Moms" Cover date: May , Iron Man "When Strikes Diablo!

Iron Man "The Menace Within! Iron Man "Endgame" Cover date: December , Iron Man "One of Those Days Iron Man "Blackout! Iron Man "On the Road Iron Man "Terror in Tulaluma! Iron Man "Losing the Touch! Iron Man "Otherwhere! Iron Man Cover date: July , Iron Man "Call Him Iron Man "Revelations" Cover date: September , Iron Man "Resolutions! Iron Man "Crossing" Cover date: March , Iron Man "Prisons" Cover date: May , Iron Man "Heat" Cover date: June , Iron Man "Firefang! Iron Man "A Renaissance of Magic!

Iron Man "Seeing the Light!

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